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ZTT - Your Professional Cable Solution Provider

We have a full experience for more than 20 years in cable manufacturing. Together with our professionalism, fast delivery and exquisite customer service, we will provide you reliable industrial wire & cable system solutions.

ZTT Marine Cable Co.,Ltd. is the export company of Zhongtian Technology Industrial Wire & Cable System Co., Ltd. ZTT factory covers up to 158,000 square meters of area. We are a qualified and professional manufacturer offering complete solutions for your cable needs. ZTT has up to RMB438,000,000 registered capital and RMB500,000,000 gross investment.

Our product range includes marine cables, offshore cables, submarine cables, electric power cable, reeling cable, ship-to-shore cable and more with more than 50 patents. We have served different industries domestic and abroad such as China State Shipbuilding Corp., COSCO Shipping, China Petroleum Chemical Corporation, CIMC Raffles, Keppel Offshore, Cavotec, Petronas Global, and more.

ZTT offers turnkey services such as marine and offshore solutions. Our cables have complete certifications from different standards such as the following:

Serials Standards Certified
Offshore Cables NEK TS 606:2016 ABS, DNV-GL
Marine Cables IEC60092-350
Shipboard Cables JIS C 3410:2018 NK
Marine Special Cables

(Shipboard Optical Fiber Cable, Marine Ethernet Cable, Marine Coaxial Cable)

NEK 606:2016
Special Standards
Ship to Shore Connection Cables IEC/IEEE 80005.1

T/CAS 429



We are also providing after-sales services to customers around the world including Germany, UAE, Vietnam, Mexico, Colombia, the USA, Australia, Southeast Asia, and more. Our engineers are also experts in offering extended and quality services including laser printing for XLPE insulation as well as pre-cut services.

Our cables are manufactured eco-friendly and sustainable. We have integrated green design concepts into our cable production such as:

  • Asbestos-free cable
  • Recyclable cables
  • Cables that can help in minimizing environmental damage

At ZTT, you can assure the highest quality cables at a very competitive price. With our decades of experience, rest assured that we can provide you with custom cable according to your projects.

  • ztt cable features

Cable Performance for Marine Applications

  • Flame Resistant
  • Fire Resistant
  • Halogen Free
  • Low Smoke
  • Oil Resistant
  • Low-Temperature Resistant
  • Anti-UV
  • Mud Resistant

Quality and R&D Capabilities

At ZTT, we have a wide range of manufacturing equipment including copper drawing, laying-up, braiding armor, irradiation center, triple-extrusion online monitor, and more. We also have quality control systems certified by ISO9001:2015 quality management, ISO140001:2015 environmental management, and ISO45001:2018 Health and Safety Management.

ZTT also has a quality assurance and quality control system. We have a team for material quality control, process quality control, factory quality control, and quarterly sampling control. Our QC team also performs routine tests, factory acceptance tests, sample tests, and more.

  • Quality and R&D Capabilities
  • ZTT Cable Testing Methods

Cable Testing Methods

Mechanical Performance Testing: Aging oven, low temp box, pull machine.

Electrical Performance Testing: Insulation resistance, dielectric strength, etc.

Flame Testing: Smoke density, flame retardant, fire resistance, acid gas, oxygen index.

Cable Production Process

  • Copper drawing
  • Annealing or tinning
  • Stranding or laying-up
  • Rubber mixing
  • Insulation extruding
  • Cabling
  • Inner cover extruding
  • Braiding
  • Outer sheath extruding
  • Testing, packaging, and delivery
  • Cable Production Process
  • ztt marine cable future plan

Our Future Plan

ZTT Marine Cable Co., Ltd adheres to our slogan to provide customers with technical strength, technology innovation, establish a top brand, first-class manufacturing process, prioritizes customers, complete quality control system, testing equipment, lean production, business sincerity, exceptional location superiority, and powerful team. Choose ZTT as your cable supplier and provider!

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